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Beer Pong is a game mostly played at house parties, bars, swimming pools, beaches, parks… well everywhere! We all know how to play beer pong but do you know how this tradition started? Let us tell you some interesting facts. Spoiler alert… In the end, we will reveal more ways how to play beer pong! […]

The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game Quiz

The Big Bang Theory – the most-watched television comedy in the United States. The Big Bang Theory is one of the series that has managed to keep its audience for 12 years without one boring episode. The series became the most-watched television comedy in the United States and not only there. One unchanged debut over […]

21’s Drinking Game: Complete Guide & Rule Ideas

21’s or 21, is a classic drinking game which doesn’t require anything, well besides the drinks, to set it up. But its simplicity and the freedom to customise the rules is what makes it beautiful. Just gather your friends in a circle and you’ll already be prepped to start! Here’s our complete guide on how […]

Most Dangerous Gangs Around the World

Gang related violence makes up a significant amount of the global homicide rate. In 2016, out of the 560,000 victims of murder, 68% of them were killed intentionally; the majority being executed by gangs. And this figure is probably going to keep increasing as gang recruitment efforts in the United States go up. However, gang […]

Drinking Games for Couples to Chill out and Have Fun

We believe that bonding and companionship are quite important for any relationship, whether romantic or platonic. So we’ve got some really fun drinking games for couples for you to have a fun and chill time with your siginificant other, or even your friend. Drunk Artists Imagine a game of pictionary, but really fast paced and […]