Packing tips for festivals and holidays!

Going to Greece, France or perhaps to Australia? Everywhere you go you want to take many things as possible, but without carrying too much luggage. This is the struggle that many people go through. Here I gathered tips for you so that you take almost everything with you, easy to pack and most important efficient! […]

The Best Beers for Beerpong!

Drinking beer while playing beer pong is common sense, but we all can agree that the amount of beer we go through is not that ideal for the coin. Of course we all like cheap things but with beer it’s better if you don’t (it’s really a headache guaranteed). So I thought to myself: “Why […]

The Best TV and Movie Drinking Games!

I assume that most people don’t really watch tv anymore however true drinking games never die. With the increase of TV shows and movies on streaming devices, the drinking games only expanded! Here we have some drinking games you can play with your drinking buddies. Ben Sanderson drinking game: While watching the movie Leaving Las […]

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions – Beach Edition

We are back with some new dirty truth and dare questions, this time the ‘beach edition’. The summer is near and we all want to enjoy the holidays with some sun and sea. If you are planning to visit the beach and maybe get a tan why not play a game while you’re at it? […]

The Ultimate 60 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

As I am half naked writing this after my last dirty Truth or Dare game, I thought I could share my personal favourite choice of the best dirty truth and dare questions. In the past we have shared some of our truth or dare ideas but I thought, let’s step up the game! So I […]