40 Halloween Party Truth or Dare Questions

Halloween 2019 is approaching and you know what that means? It’s Halloween party season! Need some Halloween party game ideas for adults? Try out some of these Halloween truth or dare questions at the next party to have a fun spooky time! Planning a Halloween party and coming up with party ideas for adults can […]

The Most Powerful Football Card Game in The Field

Football is probably the most popular sport around the globe. Football players are constantly watched by a huge number of spectators both in the arenas and in front of TVs. Sometimes matches are even broadcast on the radio. When team leaders meet in a championship, the whole world is almost going crazy watching players fight […]

The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game Quiz

The Big Bang Theory – the most-watched television comedy in the United States. The Big Bang Theory is one of the series that has managed to keep its audience for 12 years without one boring episode. The series became the most-watched television comedy in the United States and not only there. One unchanged debut over […]

Simple Drinking Games: Act Out or Back Out

The simplicity of a fun night In the age of new technology and the internet, there is something sweet and old-fashioned about simple drinking games. To play them you don’t need computers, YouTube and other news, just good old booze and friends to have fun with (without overdoing it, of course). Imagine it being a […]

70+ Erotic Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Sometimes you wanna break out of monotony and try something new and different with your partner. Well we’ve definitely got you covered! We’ve decided to compile a list of some of the most sexy and erotic truth or dare questions for you and partner to enjoy. Many of these questions come from our game, G-Kamasutra, […]