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MadWish Halloween Edition: Truth or Dare Halloween Game

Halloween 2019 is approaching and you know what that means? It’s Halloween party season! Need some Halloween party game ideas for adults? Try out some of these Halloween truth or dare questions at the next party to have a fun spooky time!

Planning a Halloween party and coming up with party ideas for adults can be quite stressful. So we’ve decided to make it easier for you guys! One of our favorite games to play during parties, especially when there’s drinks involved, is truth or dare.

Some of the questions actually come from the Halloween edition of MadWish, our popular dirty truth or dare game. Wanna have access to even more questions? Then check out MadWish Halloween edition here!

And don’t forget the most important rule: If you’re not up for the challenge, take a shot instead!

Halloween Truth or Dare: The Truths

  1. Your co-players are surrounded by zombies and you can only save one of them. Who would you save?
  2. Rate each co-player based on their costumes.
  3. Have you ever experienced a supernatural event? Tell the group about it.
  4. If it were possible, which historic figure would you bring back from the dead and why?
  5. Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’ve wanted to try out? What are they?
  6. What was the scariest moment of your life?
  7. Would you rather cheat on your partner or invite a third person to the bedroom?
  8. What was the most embarrassing costume you’ve put on?
  9. If I were a pornstar, my stage name would be (blank).
  10. What do you want written on your gravestone?
  11. Who in this room has the best looking butt?
  12. Do you prefer kinky sex or passionate sex?
  13. What’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?
  14. F*ck, marry, kill: A werewolf, a zombie, or a mummy?
  15. What do you think would be the worst way to die?
  16. Do you have any phobias? What are they?
  17. What’s your least favorite Halloween candy?
  18. Tell everyone the last lie you told.
  19. What’s the longest sex session you’ve ever had? And with whom?
  20. Rank these forms of death from least horrible to most horrible:
  • Stake through the heart.
  • Being burned alive.
  • Being shot in the head.
  • Being buried alive.

And now we’re gonna move on to the Halloween dares. The ultimate addition to any Halloween party game!

Rebelz Games Halloween Comic

Halloween Dares

  1. Give the player to your right a lap dance. But you have to stay in your Halloween costume persona!
  2. Play dead for two minutes. Did you fail? Then take a shot!
  3. Let your co-players mummify you using toilet paper. Take a pic and post it online. #MadWish
  4. Call your parents and scream as loud as you can.
  5. Prove that you’re not a vamipire by eating a clove of garlic.
  6. Dip someone else’s finger in ketchup and lick it clean.
  7. Get your co-players to spin you around for 30 seconds and then attempt to walk like a mummy
  8. Halloween charades! Get a co-player to place a sticky note on your forehead with a Halloween character on it. Everyone has to try to act out the character and you have 30 seconds to guess who it is.
  9. Tell everyone in the group the spookiest horror story you know.
  10. You have to say “cheers” and another player has to say “cheers” in another language and so forth. The player who can’t keep up has to take a shot.
  11. Imitate 7 animal sounds. The group has to guess them all within 30 seconds.
  12. Your co-players have to make you a potion using 3 edible ingredients. Drink the concotion and try to guess what’s in it. If you fail, you could always wash it down with a shot.
  13. Show off your hidden talent.
  14. Switch a piece of your costume with the player in front of you.
  15. Get a broom and pretend to fly around and cackle like a witch.
  16. Get blindfolded, feel everyone’s butt and guess whose it is. Each wrong answer means a shot.
  17. Call the 13th person in your contacts and try to have phone sex with them.
  18. Twerk for 30 seconds to a quintessential Halloween song. Thriller by Michael Jackson always works.
  19. Ask a co-player out on a real date. You actually have to plan out the date and meet up at some point.
  20. Take a scary group pic with your co-players.

Want more Truth or Dare Questions?

MadWish app

Besides our Halloween truth or dare questions, we even have an app for our game, MadWish! Click either of the buttons below to download MadWish, our truth or dare app!

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