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Madwish dirty truth or dare game
MadWish, the naughtiest truth or dare game out there!

Make the Next Party Unforgettable

Ask these dirty truth or dare questions to your friends and you’ll have the craziest, most awkward time of your lives. All of these questions are from our game MadWish.

The Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

  • 1 – Rank your co-players according to how horny you think they are.
  • 2 – Which of your co-players do you think is a gold digger and who is a player?
  • 3 – Become a co-player’s vibrator. Make the same sounds and movements.
  • 4 – When or where did you last have sex?
  • 5 – Go around with your top off and run three rounds around a car or tree. (Bra stays on).
  • 6 – What’s a sexual fantasy of yours you still want to try out?
  • 7 – You’re the flirt doctor. Give three good tips.
  • 8 – What is the most extreme sexual act you have ever performed?
  • 9 – Say “I want to have sex with you” in five different languages.
  • 10 – Where would you never dare to have sex?
  • 11 – Eat a piece of toilet paper. You can down it with some water if you want.
  • 12 – What’s your secret talent in bed?
  • 13 – Suck on someone’s finger for 15 seconds.
  • 14 – What grade would you give your performance in bed?
  • 15 – Everyone has to whisper a secret in your ear.
  • 16 – What is the weirdest sexual request you have ever received?
  • 17 – Play one round of the game in your underwear.
  • 18 – Point out the person with the best looking bum at this party.
  • 19 – Which sexual act arouses you the most?
  • 20 – Stand against the wall and let one of your co-players frisk you thoroughly.
  • 21 – With whom did you have sex with and then regretted it afterwards?
  • 22 – Twerk for 20 seconds.
  • 23 – Do you have bisexual feelings and have you ever explored them?
  • 24 – Lick the earlobes of all the players.
  • 25 – Would you rather cheat on your partner or invited a third person to your bed?
  • 26 – Let the person in front of you browse your phone for 1 minute.
  • 27 – If I were a pornstar, my stage name would be…
  • 28 – Ask 3 co-players to smack you on the bum.
  • 29 – Dominant or submissive?
  • 30 – Take a body shot. The group decides from whom and from which body part.
  • 31 – Point out a person at this party. Would you do it with them right now?
  • 32 – Go to the middle of the room and do your best dance moves for 30 seconds.
  • 33 – What’s your favourite sexual position?
  • 34 – Bite the tip of a co-player’s tongue.
  • 35 – What does it take for you to have a one night stand?
  • 36 – Give a player a lap dance for 30 seconds.
  • 37 – What’s your favourite type of foreplay?
  • 38 – Put whipped cream on a co-player’s neck and lick it off.
  • 39 – What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sex?
  • 40 – You have to say “cheers” and another player has to say “cheers” in another language and so forth. The player who can’t keep up has to take a shot.
  • 41 – Would you rather travel to the past or the future? Explain why.
  • 42 – Ask a co-player out on a real date. Plan the date within the next week.
  • 43 – What kind of sex toys have you used?
  • 44 – Take a kinky group picture with the caption #MadWish on social media.
  • 45 – Tell your last lie.
  • 46 – Do five pushups wearing nothing but your underwear.
  • 47 – Lick the bellybutton of the player to your left.
  • 48 – Imitate 7 animal sounds. The group has to guess them all within 30 seconds.
  • 49 – Get blindfolded, feel everyone’s bum and guess whose it is. Each wrong answer means a shot.
  • 50 – Let a co-player draw a moustache on your face and post the pic on social media with the caption #MadWish.
  • 51 – Tell the group about the longest sex session you’ve had (with whom and when).
  • 52 – Call the 13th person in your phone contacts and ask them for phone sex.

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Our truth or dare app MadWish is also available to download for iOS and Android 🎈.

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madwish truth or dare app iOS download

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