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red solo beer pong cups by a pool

Bouncing ping pong balls into cups of beer seems simple enough. Although beer pong isn’t a European drinking game, its rules are pretty standardised in Europe, following a specific structure in beer pong tournaments.

Here’s our guide on European beer pong rules so you can play this drinking game in an official way!

What you need to follow the rules

Obviously you need a table. In European tournaments, the beer pong table has to measure 244 x 61 x 71 cm to abide with the rules. You can easily find these tables online to legitimise your beer pong game.

beer pong table
Legit beer pong table

Even the cups used for beer pong in Europe follow a strict convention; their volume has to measure exactly 470 millilitres.

madpong beer pong cups
Hexagonal beer pong cups

We recommend using the cups from Mad Pong. They’re hexagonal to ensure a flush fit and come with inner covers to protect your beer from dirty balls.

You can use any kind of standard ping pong balls and any kind of beer to fill up the cups. For some ideas on which beer brands you could use for a game, check out our article on the best beers for beer pong.

Forming Beer Pong Teams

Like most other drinking games, beer pong is multiplayer. You could also play this game alone on a week night and then question yourself on where things went wrong in life, but it’s not a cute look.

It’s pretty common to have two teams of two players each, however in European beer pong tournaments, teams of three or four are also allowed.

Setting Up the Beer Pong Cups

In tournaments, it’s common to arrange the cups in a pyramid, following a 4-3-2-1 setup. Two pyramids of cups have to be placed on opposite ends of the table, being the same distance from the edges.

However, if you wanna do a speed round or drink something stronger than beer, a 3-2-1 pyramid can also be formed.

In games of beer pong, a wash cup is usually necessary as well. The cup just has to contain water and it’s used to clean the ping pong balls if they get too dirty.

Although at Rebelz Games, we dismiss this rule since Mad Pong has cup covers to protect your beer from contamination.

Beer Pong Throwing Techniques

beer pong distance throwing techniques
Beer pong shot angles

There are three ways to get the ball in the cup. You could either throw the ball in an arc, aim straight for a cup or bounce the ball into the target.

You have to have pretty good geometry knowledge to land a shot using the arc method. However, it’s still more achievable when you compare it to the bounce method. This is even reflected in the score you get for performing a bounce shot.

If you’re able to land the target using this method, it counts as knocking down two cups rather than one. Being crazy skilled at this technique could help you win beer pong games left and right.

Drink Responsibly

Although not an official rule, we encourage you guys to take it easy when playing beer pong. Always drink plenty of water and if you feel like you can’t handle more alcohol, there’s no shame in stopping. After all, the whole point of any game is to have fun.

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beer pong mad pong drinking game
Step up your game with Mad Pong!

MadPong is our improved version of beer pong which combines the game with truth and dare!

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