Madpong dirty Truth or Dare
The naughtiest truth or dare out there! Every time you play, it’s a moment to remember.

Want to spice up your next party?

Ask these questions in your next Dirty Truth or Dare game and you’ll definitely get the game you want.

We got these questions from our own game, MadWish, so there’s plenty more questions out there for you to ask 😉

The Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

  • 1 – If I were a Pornstar my stage name would be…

The names are going to tell you a lot about their preferences… Take note!

  • 2 – What’s your secret talent in bed?

Definitely something you want to know.

  • 3 – What is your guilty pleasure?

Can be naughty, also might not be. But will definitely get you some plus points if you remember the answer for the right moment.

  • 4 – What is the weirdest sexual request you have ever received?

Will definitely lead to stories about very weird people…

  • 5 – How old were you when you had sex for the first time? And with whom?

What’s the right age anyway?

  • 6 – Would you rather cheat on your partner or get a third person in bed?

Tough one to answer, and well, you might end up the third person!

  • 7 – Who in this room has the best looking bum?

I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny. Sir Mix-a-lot told the world what he likes, so tell the people what you like!

  • 8 – With whom did you have sex and regretted it afterwards?

Pretty self-explanatory.  Follow up with a why, and you’ll have something to avoid when the opportunity comes!

  • 9 – What do you enjoy more, kinky or passionate sex?

Can lead to some very interesting questions…

  • 10 – With which of your co-players would you have a threesome?

Make your all-star team based on the dirty information you gathered before… If you’re lucky enough your dream might even come true.

Need More Questions??

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We also have a free MadWish app available on iOS and Android with an insane amount of questions you could ask for the next truth or dare game.

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