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We are back with some new dirty truth and dare questions, this time the ‘beach edition’. The summer is near and we all want to enjoy the holidays with some sun and sea. If you are planning to visit the beach and maybe get a tan why not play a game while you’re at it?

Grab your summer cocktail and let’s play and who knows you might have a chance to flirt with some beach boys and girls?


1. Have you ever had sex on the beach?

  • Not the drink…

2. How many people have you had sex with on this holiday?

  • Don’t worry we won’t judge!

3. Have you even been to a nude beach? If not, would you like to?

  • Nothing wrong with just being in your birthday suit.

4. Point out a place on the beach where you would like to have sex.

  • Most beaches are flat though so not much privacy.

5. Who is the hottest person on the beach?

  • Besides yourself of course!

6. Tell the group about your wildest vacation.

  • It can be about anything.

7. When and with whom did you lose your virginity? Tell the group what it was like.

  • You can spare the details unless, they are requested!

8. Tell an erotic story about yourself and one of your friends.

  • We like to get drunk on naughty stories.

9. What is the best way to get you horny?

  • Don’t be shy, we all have something…or more!W

10. Have you ever has sex in your parents’ bedroom?

  • Hope they don’t hear this!


1. Choose a co-player of the opposite sex and give him/her a piggyback ride to the water.

  • You finally have the chance to show-off those biceps you’ve been working on.

2. Kiss a bald mans’ bald spot.

  • Every spot deserves love.

3. Draw one of your co-players in the sand and let the group guess.

  • Release your inner Picasso.

4. Pick a partner and do the Lambada for 30 seconds.

  • Is it getting hot or is it just me?

5. Pinch the first person you see wearing black swimwear in the ass.

  • Who wears black in this weather?

6. Give a stranger wearing sunglasses a kiss on the cheek.

  • So many choices in the summer.

7. Scream at least 3 times: “There’s a shark in the water”.

  • Maybe good looking lifeguard will come and save you?

8. Go into the water, take of your trunks/bikini bottom and wave them in the air.

  • Make sure you don’t lose them afterwards. Haha

9. Drink a mouthful of seawater.

  • Hope you don’t get sick…. I mean we don’t know what’s in the water?

10. Go to a stranger and ask if you may rub his/her back with sun lotion.

  • Always protect yourself from the sun!

We really hope you like these questions and enjoy answering them on the beach with your friends! Please give us some feedback about our blogs, we wanna know what you think. And if you want more questions, download our app: MadWish ( for IOS and Play Store)

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