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Everybody loves drinking, of course. When it comes to drinking in other countries, you will realise that every country has their own habits and games. We looked up the best drinking games from different countries for you to try and enjoy! Some are really weird and some you might have already heard from before.

China – Jiuling

Also called “finger guessing game”. It’s very simple. Two people look at each other. You count down from 5 and at 0 you both raise a hand and call what you think is the sum of both hands. Are you right and the other wrong, then he must finish his glass. With both right or wrong, you start again.

chinese illustration people drinking

Canada – Alcohockey

Canadian variant of Air Hockey and Beer Pong. You do need the Ice Hockey table. It is the same as Air Hockey, only there are holes in the table at the end for cups, 5 cups to be precise. When the puck ends up in your cup, you have to drink it.

canada air hockey game

South America – Dudo

A kind of Yahtzee. You need a cup with four dices. You roll them and slam the cup upside down on the table. Who shakes looks underneath and can choose to say what lies (e.g. four sixes) or he can bluff. The other players decide jointly whether the person is telling or lying the truth. If the person controlling the dice is lying and the other players say that, that person must drink. If the other players are wrong, they must drink.

cups of alcohol dudo

South Korea – Napkin, Beer, Cigarette

Definitely the weirdest of them all. In this game, a napkin with a coin is placed over a glass of beer. Then, the players take turns burning holes into the napkin with an cigarette and the player whose cigarette burn finally drops the coin into the beer has to drink the glass of beer. Are you asking, “What if they don’t smoke?” Well, to stereotype, that’s not really something to worry about: South Koreans are big, big smokers, but hey, at least they provide the cigarette for something else.

coin cigarette burns on napkin

UK – Pence

This is a party-wide game that’s played in different parts of in U.K. A penny is put into circulation and it’s up to everyone to guard their drinks. If someone slips that penny into your drink, you have to chug it down. Then, you ask them the year of the penny and if they don’t know they’ll have to finish their own drink, or grab a new beer and chug it down right away. Then the penny goes back into circulation.

uk unique drinking game

I hope you enjoyed this article. This is only part one, we have so many more in store for you! I hope you enjoyed reading this and also maybe try a game out. Drink responsibly!

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