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We all are familiar with drinking games while watching TV but, did you know there are also drinking games based on TV shows? I searched and found some interesting games you might want to try out, even if you don’t know or watch any of these shows!

Wie is de Mol drinking game

“Wie is de Mol” is a TV program from the Netherlands. Around 12/15 people participate in this game. The goal is to collect money with all participants through assignments and to figure out who the mole is. So, one of these characters is the ‘Mol’. The mole’s role is to sabotage bringing in money and ensure that of course no one finds out that he or she is the mole. I am a huge fan of this program and every year I watch all the episodes. Unfortunately I never find out who the mole is, I get it wrong every year. I don’t understand how but it is always like that. This is one of the best drinking games if you are a fan of the show.

This is a drinking games for small groups but it can also be played with at least 3 people. However, this game is the best played with a large group. During this drinking game you also have to find out who the mole is. Other necessities are pen, paper, lots of liquor and a container (in case you don’t drink beer make sure you have caps from other objects or perhaps (poker) chips)


Tear or cut the paper into equal pieces, the number of pieces must be equal to the number of players. Otherwise it is obvious who has what. On the pieces you write “you are not the mole” but on one pieces you write “you are the mole”. The person who is the mole should of course not say it. Fold the papers and throw them in the bin or in the box. After shaking everyone can take a piece of paper in turns.

Rules of Wie is de Mol?

Each player takes a piece of paper and reads it for themselves. Then place the empty container on the table.

Everyone has to put a cap in, you have three caps per person and therefore three chances to hit the mark. If you miss you can do it again. If you miss all three times, everyone must drink, except you. The mole naturally tries to make everyone drink as much as possible in a devious way! If you have any suspicions that one of your friends is cheating (like the mol does), you can make your suspicions known and ask him/her: Are you ‘De Mol’? If you are right, De Mol drinks twice! If you guessed it wrong, you have to drink twice!

‘Wie is de Mol’ logo


This is a drawing game that has to do with TV programs and movie characters. You can go the easy way and draw something that everyone knows like Spongebob or you go the hard way and choose a character from a film that isn’t the main role but had more a supporting role such as from Cast Away, Wilson the volleyball. You can play this game with two players but of course also with a large group, but then there is a good chance that you will get drunk very quickly.


This game requires pen and paper to draw a character and of course enough drinks! Not everyone needs the ability to draw like a real Picasso, but try to do your best as much as possible. If you really have a very good idea but you don’t know how to draw, you can also write the name on it as a sissy.

Avatar rules

At the start of the game, everyone must draw a character on their sheet. This character must be an existing person from a film, series or cartoon. For example, you can draw Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Forrest Gump or a cartoon figure, you can decide this yourself! Then you start to ask each other questions about each other’s character. You do this clockwise. If you have to answer yes to a question, you have to take a drink. Do you guess the character of another player? Then you are free and you no longer have to participate and drink.

Is your character guessed? Then you have to take two shots and start over with a new character. In this game the term “he who laughs last, laughs best” does not apply. If you are one of the last players left I can guarantee you will be having a tough time.

These are the ones I have found so far, I hope to find more because the genuinely looks like fun!

I hope you enjoyed the article and I’ll hope you will enjoy these drinking games.

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