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We believe that bonding and companionship are quite important for any relationship, whether romantic or platonic. So we’ve got some really fun drinking games for couples for you to have a fun and chill time with your siginificant other, or even your friend.

Drunk Artists

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Imagine a game of pictionary, but really fast paced and with drinking involved. Definitely an upgrade from how we played the game as kids. In order to play drunk artists, all you need to do is take a sheet of paper, draw something and give the other person 15 seconds to guess what it is. If they get it wrong, they have to take a drink. But if they get it right, the drinking is up to you. Either way, losing doesn’t really present that negative of an outcome. This couple’s drinking game could even be adapated to a group setting, with competing teams whose members would all have to drink when losing a round. The game seems pretty easy at first, but as the rounds progress, you’re probably gonna be too drunk to play it to the best of your ability 🥂.

Truth or Dare or Drink

This one can be really fun. The whole point of the game is to ask each other outrageous truth or dare questions, which can be avoided if the person who has to do the task takes a shot instead. Now, depending on how crazy the questions get and how comfortable you and your partner are with them, you could either get super drunk or have to perform some insane truth or dare assignments. So this one’s always guaranteed to present interesting outcomes. If you don’t wanna come up with the assignments yourself and pursue a more convenient option, then you can download our every own truth or dare app, MadWish (#notsponsored haha). It has plenty of dirty and hilarious prompts which you can use to quickly set up a drinking game 👽.

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Never Have I Ever

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We’ve all played this one before but it would be pretty interesting to play it with your partner. Since the whole point of the game is to surprise people with your past, you’re gonna end up learning quite a bit about them. You may already know how to play but I’ll go into the “rules” anyway: start a sentence with “Never have I ever” and conclude it with some situation. So you could have “Never have I ever stolen the declaration of independence“, if your partner has done so, they take a drink. It’s a pretty simple game but it’s a classic that never gets old.

Two Truths and a Lie

This one’s in the same vein as drunk truth or dare but with a more interesting spin. So you have to state three situations; two of them are true and one of them is false. Then you partner has to guess which statement is the lie; if they get it wrong, they have to drink and vice-versa. These are one of those drinking games for couples which could be useful at the beginning of a relationship. This is because it could help subvert any preconceived perceptions you may have of each other.

We hope these drinking games for couples will allow you to strengthen your relationship or even just have a nice and chill time. If you wanna read about other drinking games, or partying culture in general, then check out our Party Guide below!

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