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Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting out that deck of cards and playing a game of Kings, and that’s perfectly fine. So whether you wanna try something new or you just don’t have any cards, here are some fun and exciting drinking games you can play without cards.

Drinking Games without Cards: Never Have I Ever

You may have already heard of this one, but if you haven’t, ‘Never have I ever’ is one of those fun drinking games without cards or props required. The concept is pretty simple: you start a sentence with “Never have I ever…” and add whatever you want to the end. So for example, you could say “Never have I ever flashed someone.” If anybody at the party has flashed someone, they have to take a drink.

The game could go two ways: either you could say really simple/relatable prompts and get everyone super drunk, or you could go for the most outrageous statements and really get to know your friends. For some ideas on what you could ask, take a look at our article on the dirtiest never have I ever questions.

Drinking Games without Cards: Would you Rather

This one is also pretty simple. Although, people usually use ‘Would you rather’ as a fun thought exercise, it’s really easy to turn it into a fun drinking game. And like, ‘Never have I ever’, all you need is yourself; no cards or props required at all. So like most processes in life, the majority gets the upper hand in this drinking game. As in, the majority at your party who agree to one of the ‘Would you rather’ options are good to go, whereas the minority have to take a drink.

You could also make it more fun by trying to guess the options that would represent the minority and get super smashed. For some ideas on ‘Would you rather’ questions with crazy dilemmas, check out our article here.

Drinking Games without Cards: The Name Game

This is one of those drinking games which becomes harder and harder to play as you continue drinking. The whole point of the name game is to name celebrities.

So for example, you could start with “Mariah Carey” and the person after you has to name a celebrity whose first name starts with “C”. This is because this game is based on taking the first letter of the celeb’s last name and coming up with a celeb whose first name starts with that letter. So after someone says “Mariah Carey”, you could say “Cameron Diaz” and so on.

The game is kinda simple at first and flows well, but as you continue naming so many figures, you’ll have trouble coming up with new people. If that’s the case, you have to take a penalty drink. At this point, the penalty drinks are flying in and the flow of the game progressively becomes worse and worse as everyone gets dead drunk.

Drinking Games with Props but no Cards

TV/Video Based Drinking Games

These kinds of drinking games can have many variations and you can even have lots of fun making up your own. One of our favourites is watching ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and drinking whenever someone says “fuck” or snorts some rails. You can check out some other fun video based drinking games on our article on the best TV and movie drinking games.

MadWish Drinking Game

This is a fun game we designed with pretty intense truth or dare prompts. If you’re unable to commit to the truth/dare, you have to take a drink. The questions are pretty crazy so most likely, everyone’s gonna get quite drunk.

We’ve made MadWish available as a board game, which you can find here. But we’ve also got a MadWish app which you could download for free on iOS or Android! The game is super easy to set up and can lead to some crazy stuff if you’re brave enough to comply with any of the truths/dares.

MadPong Drinking Game

Everyone’s heard of beer pong but MadPong is our fun little twist on the popular drinking game. We’ve combined beer pong with truth or dare to really spice things up. Each beer cup has a card with a truth/dare on it. After landing a ping pong ball into the cup, you can choose to either do what’s on the card or drink the beer.

Like with MadWish, our questions can be pretty out there so you might end up drinking a lot of beer. Plus, this version of beer pong is a real upgrade since the cards in the cups protect your beer from dirty balls. If this game sounds like what you’re looking for, you can check out MadPong by clicking here!

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