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Home sweet home.

The walls are painted and all your furniture is put together; it is time for a housewarming! But before you can enjoy your nice new room with your friends over a cold beer, you still have to arrange a few things. What do you have to do to provide good housewarming?

What is a housewarming?

A housewarming is nothing less than initiation of your new home. You can give a housewarming after the odd jobs are done and everything is in place, but you can also choose to give the housewarming in a bare house. In this way, you prevent the new furniture and floor from being damaged and you can fully party. It is also okay if something falls over from drinking or a glass falls to the ground.

You probably will not have much money left over after the renovation and relocation for a very organized theme party with matching decorations, spectacular invitations, and snacks. Keep the housewarming simple; make sure you have nice music and some tasty snacks and drinks, don’t be too difficult when it comes to housewarming shopping. If you want to make the party special, determine a dress code for your housewarming. You don’t have to do anything about it yourself, but it does give a nice touch to the housewarming. Think of “a touch of pink” for example or something similar. Simple, but fun!

What is important for organizing a housewarming?:

1. The Date

2. Gift ideas 

3. Invitations

4. Groceries

5. Plastic not Fantastic

6. House tour

1. The Date

The date is of course just as important as all the other parts of the party. But how do you ensure that everyone can come and how do you find the perfect date? You can use an app, that let you choose a few dates, you mail these to your friends and they can choose the best date for them. This way you can see when most people are available and planning becomes a lot easier. If it is very divided you can always divide it into two separate parties. In any case, it is easier if you have a small student room, to divide it into two because otherwise you will be compressed by the people who all come.

calender with red circle

And of course, when you start living together with friends, it will certainly be a crowded place. Then it is better to discuss to do it all separately or to invite a small club so that it will fit in your (small) house. Or you can turn it into a house party right away so that you can use every room in the house and you can simply invite all the people you want to invite. 

2. Gift ideas

It can be really hard to think of a present for your housewarming. You may already have everything or you bought it new and maybe from your perspective there is nothing missing. Yet you can make a few gift suggestions that you might not have thought of yourself so quickly:

1. The plant, maybe a bit cliche but a little green in your room never hurt anybody.

2. Gift vouchers are of course always good if you know nothing, it can go from Zara to maybe the Ikea. 

3. Paintings or posters, so you can make your room just a little bit cozier. 

4. Kitchenware, the craziest things can come in handy, for example, an egg timer, handy but probably not yet in the house. And an extra pan can never hurt.

5. Decoration such as a string of lights or a pot for plants.

You can’t get away from it; even if you ask for booze, there will be people who want to give you a ‘real’ present. Because you do not need three grilled cheese irons, it is best to indicate (carefully) what you already have and what you need.

Another idea for gifts is to send people pictures of your house so that they can think of what they are missing in your house to make it a little bit easier.

3. Invitations 

You can send the invitations in many different ways, you can make a WhatsApp group and just throw everybody in there. However, you can also tackle it in an original way. Are you creative enough to make something by yourself? Great, that’s an asset! If you are less creative, don’t worry! You too can invite your friends and family with a fancy-ass design. There are plenty of websites where you can create and download a great design for a small price.

4. Groceries

Make sure you have enough drinks and snacks. The supply of beer should not be exhausted at the start of the evening. Also, ask your friends if they want to bring something themselves. That way they have a housewarming gift for you and you are sure about your booze stock. Win-win situation. 

For a budget proof housewarming, ask your family and friends to bring some snacks and drinks. This not only saves you a ride(s) to the supermarket, but can also give you a nice housewarming for a student price!

What can you get for food and drinks for your party? Think of chips and nuts, which are always good (also nice and cheap). You could make your own wraps with salmon or chicken fillet. With drinks, you can think of, except beer, some wine or maybe even a tray with shots for everyone who enters.


5. Plastic not fantastic

Make sure everything is made of plastic. After the party, the last thing you want is to clean a mega mountain with dishes and you also don’t want your newly purchased tableware and glasses to break immediately. Get some red cups from Action or Xenos and no one will complain about it. You can also wrap your house in plastic when you have put all your new furniture down. You can put blankets over your couch so that it stays clean and put as many fragile things as possible in a locked room.

In advance you also have to agree a bit with people about the rules, smoking outside (except if you are an inside smoker). That peeing only goes in the toilet (you are surprised how many people did not know this) and about the music because of your new neighbors.

6. House tour

If you give a housewarming you should of course not forget to give the people who come, a tour through your new house. After all, that is the goal of the party, ensuring that every guest sees your new home. Therefore, make sure that all the rooms in your house are neatly “cleaned and tidy” so that the guests get a good impression of your new home.

When you shove the furniture to the site in the living room, so you can make space for the guest, make pictures of how it normally looks. This way the guest can see how your house looks in ‘normal condition’. 

What else do you need?

Remember that music must, of course, be played at your party. You can make your own list in Spotify or you can put a laptop down so that people can put their own songs in the queue so that everyone can hear their own music all night long.

Also, don’t forget decoration to make it that little bit extra festive. It does not have to be expensive if necessary buy a pack of balloons and stick it on the wall.

At least, try to enjoy! After all the moving stress you deserve to relax a little and not to arrange anything anymore. Get your self a drink and the party can start!

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