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Are you planning on throwing a party anytime soon and scratching your head cause you still haven’t figured out how you wanna set it up? Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of some fun and unique house party ideas that you can try out to have the best night ever 🎉.

Disco Night: House Party Edition

disco ball house party ideas

At first, you might be thinking that this is a pretty intimidating and expensive hassle. BUT nowadays, you can buy cool & easy-to-setup disco balls online, starting at around $11.99. Having sick lighting is really gonna take your house party to the next level. You’ll end up with the most memorable lighting setup and a pretty trippy vibe once everyone has a few drinks 👽. To further intensify the disco aesthetic, you could also play some Donna Summer hits!

Play Some Drinking Games 🍻🥂

After having a few drinks under the trippy disco lights, it’s always fun to play a couple drinking games. Our favorites are King’s Cup, Never Have I Ever and Beer Pong. Adding an interactive element to the party helps get everyone involved & make them feel comfy 🤠.

More Cool Lighting Ideas: Use a Projector

projector house party ideas

By now, you guys can probably tell that I’m a big fan of cool visuals. If the disco ball isn’t doing enough for you, getting a small projector is also an option. It doesn’t have to be one with a crazy high resolution and a bunch of other fancy gimmicks. Honestly, getting a super cheap projector online and loading up trippy visuals on YouTube is more than enough. Although better-suited for a psychedelic party rather than one with beer, the projector’s gonna provide a great backdrop to your event! Or instead of playing music from Spotify, you could load up music videos onto
the projector to bring the songs to life. And if you’re okay with
people lighting up indoors, the smoke is gonna look really mystic
against the projector beam 🔮.

Hunt Down House Party Playlists

Every party needs music and you probably already have some song choices in mind. But you could also add to those by finding a house party playlist on Spotify with some quintessential hits. Personally, I love it when early 2000s hits or disco play at a party. There are countless other playlists online for your house party ideas so you don’t have to spend time curating a tracklist. Some of my song recommendations are I Wanna Be Down by Brandy, Crush on You by Lil’ Kim, and Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child ✨.

In Conclusion…

Hosting a fun and unique party is no easy ordeal but we hope that these house party ideas will help out a lot. I guess our last tip would be to take it easy haha. If you’ve got any other interesting house party ideas, feel free to comment!
We love to hear about new tips and tricks when it comes to partying.

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