Russia is not about its attractions or places, it’s about its people! Here’s our little guide on what goes in a lot of Russian parties.

As everywhere, there are different ways to throw parties in Russia:

  • House party
  • Club party
  • Open air party (or dacha patry)

A dacha is a house in the countryside that a lot of people in former Soviet countries own as summer houses. Usually you would go there with the whole family; granparents included. But doing shots with granny can be pretty fun too.

Most of the time Russian people need a special occasion for throwing parties (birthdays, important holidays, graduation etc.)

All the parties usually start from drinks relatively low in alcohol
(beer, cider, wine, champagne).

Then after saying hello to everyone and chilling for a bit, the time for strong drinks arrives! A lot of vodka but also quite a bit of cognac, gin and rum become part of the party. Russians like to mix strong drinks with juice or soda to handle their stuff. But doing straight up shots isn’t uncommon.

When people get really drunk, there’s always quite a bit of singing and dancing and karaoke. As can be seen by the video below.

Here are the most popular party games in Russia:

  • Mafia (Werewolf)
  • Crocodile
  • Durak (Fool)
  • Vint
  • Spin the bottle
  • Who are you?
  • Never have I ever…

It’s pretty much the same way of partying as most other places, but there’s no denying that things always get a bit out of control 😉.

ukrainian kid techno party

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