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Jenga is one of those iconic games which a lot of us grew up playing. Although at some point when you play the game over and over again, it becomes kinda mundane.

So we’ve decided to come up with a guide to turn a regular game of Jenga into a much more exciting Jenga drinking game!

Jenga Drinking Game Setup

All you need to set up the Jenga drinking game is a classic game of Jenga and some markers.

Use the markers to write prompts on each Jenga block and when someone picks out a particular block, they have to do what’s written on it.

There are 54 blocks you can play around with and there’s not really an official guide on what you could write on the blocks themselves.

Setting up a game of drunk Jenga is a creative endeavour with endless possibilities. But we’ve got some ideas for you anyway.

Drunk Jenga Prompts

Jenga drinking game ideas

Ideas for blocks 1 to 5: We’re gonna start off with something simple. You can just write the word “drink” on 5 of the Jenga blocks and the person who picks one of those blocks has to take a drink.

Blocks 6 to 10: This one’s also pretty simple. Just take another group of 5 tiles and write “tell someone to take a drink” or something along the lines of that. So if you pick out one of those blocks, you get to decide who has to take a drink.

Now that 10 out of the 54 blocks have a designated prompt, it would be pretty fun to come up with unique ideas for each of the other tiles remaining.

You could even add some elements from Kings Cup in the game! For example, you could write “floor” and “heaven” on a couple of the blocks. So if you get “floor”, everyone has to touch the floor and the last person to do so has to take a drink. To get some more ideas from Kings Cup for your Jenga drinking game, check out our guide on Kings Cup rules.

“Sobriety test”: This one’s a fun one. When this block is removed from the tower, the most sober person in the room has to take three drinks. Just to make sure that everyone is nice and inebriated.

“Juvenile”: When this block is picked out, the youngest person in the room has to take a drink. You could create a similar tile where the oldest person in the room has to drink.

“Higher education”: This one’s quite interesting. Everyone has to take a drink for every year of post-secondary education they’ve completed. So if you’ve got a PhD, you’re really gonna get smashed.

“Shortest/Tallest”: Pretty intuitive. The idea is to create a couple blocks where either the shortest or the tallest person has to take a drink.

“Waterfalls”: When someone picks out this block, they have to take a drink and everyone has to follow. Everyone else can only stop drinking when the leader finishes their drink as well.

waterfalls gif

Make it Your Own

The most fun part of the Jenga drinking game is that you can come up with your own block rule ideas and customise this drinking game to your heart’s desire. You can even try to come up with the prompts with some of your friends before starting drinking. Pretty wholesome bonding time.

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