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Want to spice up your next house party by playing the good ol’ Truth and Dare? Then it is probably in your best interest to prepare some questions, so you dont end up on a really dry game.

group of people spinning bottle
The absolute party classic.

Here’s our top 10 choice for having a very interesting night:

First the questions!

1. Rank your co-players according to their attractiveness.

  • This question is a classic, a quick and revealing insight into who the person is most attracted to. Make sure to act on the answer if it is in your favour!

2. Have you ever used drugs? If so, what kind of drugs and when?

  • Drugs are an interesting topic about someones life. This question will almost always reveal some secrets.

3. Have you ever caught somebody doing something that you had rather not seen?

  • I don’t think this one has to be explained, guaranteed story!

4. What qualities do you look for in a partner?

  • Is your crush at the party? Make sure to ask this when it lands on them. I mean advice for the crush, by their crush? I don’t think theres anything more straight forward.

5. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?

  • Another question that will tell you a lot about the person in front of you and lead to the funniest tales.

Now to the dares…

6. Take off two pieces of clothing, the player on your right decides which ones.

  • Anything more revealing than taking off your clothes?

7. Put on a blindfold, let everyone else touch your bum.

  • Humans are physical beings, we can learn a lot from a touch. Especially if it is your bum.

8. Send your ex a text message: ‘Now I’m sure,you were lousy in bed!’.

  • A quick way to know the relationship of your crush and their ex. If you think they’re too close: Be cautious, danger of being hurt!

9. Order and pay a big pizza for the whole group.

  • This answers three questions: Do they like pizza? (Who doesn’t like it anyway?) Do they like you more than their money? Are they hungry? Quite revealing if you ask me!

10. Finish your drink without using your hands.

  • Want to know about the persons experience in, uhh, core strength? Might be important for later references!

Have fun with these questions and reveal everything about your players. We’ll be posting more of these in the future, be sure to check for the other posts if you need some more inspirations.

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