‘Never have I ever’ is a drinking game and the only thing you need is for everybody to have a cup. In this game, a circle is formed and each turn participants are allowed to mention a sentence starting with ‘Never have I ever’. The sentence is completed with an action.

Every participant who has ever carried out or experienced this action must then take a sip of his or her drink. For example, if a participant ends the phrase with “I’ve never stolen anything”, all participants who ever did stole something take a sip of their drink.

An additional game element is possible by adding a rule that if the sentence did not apply to anyone, then the person who devised the sentence takes a sip. For example, the participant whose turn it is has more risk of having to take a sip.

Never have I ever…

…gone skinny dipping.

…re-gifted something that was gifted to me.

…been kicked out of a bar.

…gotten a tattoo I regret.

…had a one night stand.

…had sex in a public place.

…tried to make someone jealous.

…bragged about something I have not done.

…driven drunk.

…experimented to see my sexual orientation.

…stalked an ex’s boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.

…refused a kiss.

…been unfaithful.

…woken up drunk the next day.

…got drunk.

…eaten food that fell on the floor.



…been arrested.

…dined and dashed.

…been awake for more than 2 days.

…had someone slap me across the face.

…stolen something.

…looked through someone else’s phone without their permission.

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