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Going to Greece, France or perhaps to Australia? Wherever you go, you want to take as many things as possible, but without carrying too much luggage. This is the struggle that many people go through. I’ve gathered some packing tips for you so that you can take almost everything with you. This guide will not only make your packing process easier, but also efficient!

Packing Basics

First, starting with the clothes, you should always roll them up. This saves so much more space than you realize.

Second, always use your shoes as storage space. Even if you’re only taking one pair with you, they would be perfect for some smaller things that would otherwise get lost in your bag or take up space. You can store stuff like socks in them.

Third, jewelry. It’s always a hassle when they get all tangled in a huge knot. The solution: use a straw or some aluminum foil so your jewelry can stay separate and you won’t have to waste any time untangling them from each other.


When you visit a new country, do not forget that they may use different plugs and sockets. Always think of the kind of adapters you need to take with you. Luckily in Europe, we have the same sockets almost everywhere, but for example in America, it’s different and let’s be honest, it’s something we all easily forget. Also, don’t just toss your plugs and wires into your bag. They can easily get tangled or even break. Try to store them tighly together, perhaps in a sunglasses case.

We know that it’s difficult to not take all your beautiful Fenty Beauty makeup with you, but try to leave it at home as much as possible, because if you’re travelling somewhere warm, it’s probably not a great idea to put on a mask of makeup. It just takes up unnecessary space.  Otherwise only take the some small items you can’t live without. I mean we get it, we all want to look good!

When loading your suitcase, it’s important to place the items you use the most on the top. So that the things that you use less and are heavier can be put on the bottom. Many people wear their heaviest clothes on their trip so their luggage tends to be lighter. Not a great idea, in case you go on a shopping spree and visit a warm country and you won’t be wearing the same thing again. In the end, your luggage will weigh more than the maximum limit and that’s kind of sad!

Also, be honest with yourself, you don’t need 5 long pairs of pants if you’re going to Greece for a week. Be objective. Prefer to take many different pieces of jewelry with you. With this you can make your outfits look very different and not all your bag/suitcases will be full.

Packing Tips to be Efficient

Try not to take very large bottles with you, like a 1 liter bottle of shampoo, sunscreen or conditioner, this takes up a lot of space! Buy small travel bottles, because you don’t need that much and you can easily keep it all together in your toilet bag.

If you bring belts, make sure they take up as little space as possible. You can strain them along the sides so that they do not get in the way. Another idea is if you bring a nice blouse and you want the collar to stay in good shape, then you can drape the belt between the collar.

If you are going to travel, take an extra small bag with you so that you do not always have to go out with your mega suitcase or backpack. Of course, you can also take an extra hip bag with you or a nice shoulder bag for the special evenings.

One of the things that take up the most space is towels. So inform yourself whether the place you are staying provides free towels. If you go to a festival, I recommend you buy disposable towels, these are a kind of very large size for your body and then 1/2 towels of cost-effective size.


If you go to a festival there are 5 things you can easily forget: a pump for your air mattress, earplugs so you can sleep while the music is blasting, a sleep mask for when you still get up in the early hours want to catch up on some sleep, a laundry bag for all your dirty clothes and lastly garbage bags because you will certainly have a lot of junk and we do not litter ;).

I hope you have benefited from these tips and that you can use them to pack your suitcase/backpack well. The goal is to of course pack your bag efficiently and lightly. Have fun on your trip or vacation or wherever you go and hopefully with a well-packed and organised bag!

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