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Drinking beer while playing beer pong is common sense, but we can all agree that the amount of beer we go through is not ideal for the coin. Of course we all like cheap things but with beer it’s better if you don’t (it’s really a headache guaranteed). So I thought to myself: “Why has no one written about this before?” Since I couldn’t find any articles about the best beers for pong, I decided to do my own research. I browsed the Internet and ended up with a choice of the 5 Best Beers that I believe are amazing, in terms of both taste and price! Hope you enjoy.


Pabst Blue Ribbon is brewed the same way as it was in 1844. It’s brewed with a combination of 2 & 6-row malted Barley (Something to do with Barley heads), selected grains and American and European hops. Pabst probably used to be the go-to drink for your granddad. Since then, drinking Pabst has been declining but millennials seem to love it right now. However, this beer has been transformed into one of the ‘new’ hipster beers. It’s a light, refreshing and first and foremost cheap beer. Perfect for a Beer pong match!

4,74% ABV / 12-PACK approx. $9 / 144 calories (12 oz. Portion)

pabst blue ribbon


Miller High Life was launched as the flagship beer of the Miller Brewing Company in 1903. It’s brewed with a blend of Malted barley, Galena hops from the Pacific Northwest and Miller yeast (sounds tasty). This is known as one of the cheap but also better beers. Some even call it the champagne amongst cheap beers. It is made with a special hop formula that prevents the beer from skunking. It is a really thirst-quenching drink for a hot day, so make sure to pack it for summer parties.

4,6% ABV / 12-PACK approx. $11 / 141 calories (12 oz. Portion)

Miller high life beer


Narragansett is known as the beer of the Boston Red Sox. Between 1981 and 2005, Narraganset, also referred to as Gansett, had a few bad years business-wise. However, a group of investors bought it back in 2005 and the beers can now be found almost everywhere. Gansett is brewed with Iowa corn and that sweet, vegetable flavour is the most enduring amongst the few flavours of beer. According to “experienced” drinkers, it is one of the better cheaper beers. Everyone is familiar with cheap beer that tastes like dishwater, but that’s not the case with Gansett. It’s a light beer that’s easy to drink (maybe even to shotgun). Definitely recommended.

4,8% ABV / 12-PACK approx. $12 / 150 calories (12 oz. Portion)

Narragansett beer


Budweiser, the classic, the staple, the standard for American beers, at least by Dutch Standards. To our defense, you may alos think that we only drink Heineken here… anyhow, back to the topic. Budweiser: who doesn’t know it? There are places in Amsterdam that serve this as the main drink, probably to make American tourists feel somewhat at home. Well, I’m pretty sure you know how it tastes, how it looks and where to get it, so I’ll stop right here.

5,0% ABV / 12-PACK approx. $12 / 145 calories (12 oz. Portion)

Budweiser beer


The Rolling Rock beer is originally from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. A cheap beer in a beautiful green bottle, that was the ultimate idea. It is crunchy and has taste! It gives you the same satisfaction as lager beer. Rolling Rock owes its characteristic taste and aroma to the unique recipe whose composition has remained unchanged since 1939. It is brewed with pure spring water and a selection of the best hops, malt, rice, corn, and yeast. (so maybe even a little bit healthy (; )

4,5% ABV / 12-PACK approx. $14 / 132 calories (12 oz. Portion)

Rolling rock beer

I hope this blog was helpful in outlining the best beer for for beer pong. Maybe one of these beers can be used in your future matches. You will have lots of fun and it won’t be that expensive (at least I hope) or you wouldn’t end up drunk after one round! Drink responsibly!

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