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I assume that most people don’t really watch TV anymore; however, true drinking games never die. With the increase of TV shows and movies on streaming devices, the number of drinking games only expanded! Here we’ve compiled some of our favourite and in our opinion, the best TV drinking games for when you wanna get lit but without leaving the house.

Ben Sanderson Drinking Game

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While watching the movie Leaving Las Vegas with your friends, you will notice that the main character Ben Sanderson drinks an extreme amount of alcohol in the movie! So, whenever Ben Sanderson takes a drink, then all participating players also have to drink; cheers!

Of course, this game can also work with every other film, actor and action that someone’s doing on screen. For example: Jack Sparrow who is always drinking in Pirates of the Caribbean. You can also use the Wolf or Wallstreet, this film has enough references to make it a great game. For example, whenever someone says “Fuck” or snorts something. If I could give you any recommendation, then I’ll tell you to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Every time Frodo says “Sam” or someone says “precious”, DRINK!

Christmas Hat Drinking Game

santa drinking game

You place a Christmas hat on one of the corners of the TV. Every time someone on the television wears the Christmas hat, everyone has to take a sip. It’s also possible that everyone zaps in turns. If someone on the television is wearing the Christmas hat before you have passed on the remote control, you have to take a sip. Of course, it’s also possible to play this game with any kind of hat.

Shuffle Round Drinking Game

soccer tv drinking game

For this game you need beer (because you’re watching sports, a great combo), pen and paper. Write the names of the people participating in the game and then turn the piece of paper. Before the match starts, everyone must choose a football player to play along with. Every time the presenter in the match mentions the name of your player, you have to take a shot and draw tally marks to represent it. After a person has five stripes, he may hand a football player to a fellow player of his choice (probably the one who drank the least). He then has two football players, so he increases the chance to drink! The dealer starts again with one player, so that he can also catch up.

Zap the Person Drinking Game

TV drinking game

This game is one of the best known drinking games in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that this game has been on the site for years, many visitors send the game in again. ‘Zap de Neger’* is the official name and very popular among students. On a good evening, it guarantees an unprecedented amount of fun. You sit in front of the TV with your friends and take turns rolling the dice. So let’s say the die lands on 6, you flip through 6 channels and then you throw with the remote control. The number of people that appears on the screen at that time is the number of glasses of drink that you must drink. Very simple but also very effective! You can of course also drink with another object in the picture. For example, a woman with large breasts, a blonde, a politician, someone with a gun in their hand, a car, a child, a dog, someone with glasses, and so on.

*Disclaimer: We decided to change the official name of the game because we don’t support it. Honestly, the name is racist but the core of the game is fun!

I hope you’ll be into our choices for the best TV drinking games. They’re always fun with friends during a movie night and who knows, maybe one day you can create your own spinoffs of these games!

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