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Who does not like some good ‘would you rather’ questions? There are ridiculous ones, some are funny, while others are just really, really weird. I’m sure you will find some of these ‘would you rather’ questions really hard to answer!

So let’s start: Would you rather…

Do your shopping while skating on figure skates, everyday?


Steal 1000 euros from a family member? (you cannot return it)

Always confuse sugar with salt?


Always put a handful of sand in your underpants?

Eat in front of the mirror on your own?


Daily lubricate all your joints with lubricating oil?

Have a sheep’s fur?


Count 10.000 sheep everyday, before you can sleep?

Cut down a tree every week?


Have to crochet an unknown person every day?

Have every wall of your house in fluorescent pink?


have bread crusts like eyebrows?

Have free flights?


want the ‘plastic soup’ disappear?

Become blue from the sun (instead of brown) ?


Repeat and whisper the last 3 words of every sentence that you say ?

Never eat pizza again?


Never eat fries again?

Always have a ‘soapy’ taste in your mouth?


Always have your shoes filled up with honey?

Drag an anchor along with you?


Lose everything you drop? (it’ll be lost forever)

Want everyone to forget your name?


Always talk like a navigation system?

Have no facial expression?


Have to run 1 kilometer backwards every night at 3 A.M.?

Only say “yes”, “no”, “hi” or “bye” for a year?


Tie your shoelaces together for a year?

Drop lemon juice in your eyes, every morning?


Have fish bones in all of your food?

These are just a few questions, but there are a lot more to answer. Do not bend the questions, you can’t beat the system. It is really the one or the other!
Have fun!

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