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What country in the world doesn’t enjoy at least a little bit of alcohol. Every country has their own habits and games. We searched the internet for the weirdest drinking games from around the world! Some are really weird and some you maybe have heard from before.

France – La vache qui tache

For this French game you only need a wine cork. You blacken the end of the cork with a candle flame. You may think ‘the French don’t play liquor games, do they? They just drink red wine and eat until the middle of the night’ but you are WRONG! During the game you play alternately, you have to try to remember each other’s number, as soon as you forget this you are fucked. Everyone gets a number at the beginning so you have to pay attention from the start. If you forget the number you will get a nice black cork spot on your face and the game will continue. So it is possible that at the end of the game your head is all blacken. In English-speaking countries, this game is known as Ibble Dibble.

Japan – Ping Pang Pong

This game is very popular in Japan. You can drink it with a Japanese distilled liqueur called shochu or simply with a beer or wine or whatever you would like of course. All players who participate in the game sit in a circle. One of the players starts with the word “ping”. Then the person on the left says “pong”. The person to the left again says “pang” and points directly to someone else who must then start with “ping” again. You continue like this, you have to pay attention otherwise you don’t know where you are and you can lose very easily and therefore drink.

United Kingdom – Fuzzy Duck

Everyone has played “Duck, Duck, Goose” once in there life. This is for people who don’t want to let go of the childhood dream of this game. Everyone sits in a circle. Instantly someone calls out “Fuzzy Duck” or “Ducky Fuzz”. If a player during his turn calls out “does he?” Then the turns goes in the opposite direction. If you are to slow and don’t say what you need to say during your turn, you need to drink!

Ireland – Irish quarters

This game is super easy, all you need are drinks and coins. With this version you don’t have to throw dirty used coins in your drink and then drink it. You try to spin the coin on the table and drink your glass before the coin stops rotating. If you succeed, the next in line must also try. If you are unsuccessful, you must try again. The only problem with this game is that the chance that the player who is starting is very drunk before player two can even start. Then again, you’re playing a drinking game for these reasons, right?

America – Edward Forty hands

Also known as Amy Winehands – is an American glory. Players duct tap a 40-ounce (roughly 1.2 liter in non-debile sizes) bottle of liquor on both their hands and may only remove it when both bottles are empty. The game takes its name from the Edward Scissorhands film.

This is part two of the drinking game around the world series, we have so many more in store for you! I hope you enjoy reading this and also maybe try one out. Drink responsible!

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