Ever seen New Girl? Yes? Then you must have watched those TV characters play this drinking game and wonder what the hell it is like, since they have so much fun doing it. Well, I have good news! I was very curious myself, so I did research especially for you on how it should be played! It is quite complicated at first (I still don’t totally get it myself) but once you get started, it is really fun to play. I put togheter something from all the rules I could find, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful game.

What does the game entail?

This game is originally based on the U.S. but, if you do not have American roots, it is a lot easier to play if you draw this game to your own country. True American is a mixture between a drinking game and the floor is lava. It is actually a living board game, where you have to imagine that the floor is made of molten lava. The aim of the game is to be the first to reach the queen of liquor. To achieve this, there are many laps on the course, and in the meantime a lot of drinking. (Love it)

What do you need to play this game?

3 or more players

A bottle of strong booze 

Pillows, Chairs etc. (for course)

A big table

Tea candles

Lots of beer (or something else)


Empty bottles



A few known quotes

Songs for Stop-The-Dance


The Castle

The castle is in the middle and consists of a bottle of strong booze and many cans/bottles of beer (or something else if you don’t like beer) You determine how much based on the number of players in the game. The bottle of strong booze is the King and stands in the middle of the castle (the table). The cans/bottles are the pawns or the Soldiers of the Secret Order. The pawns are arranged in four lines away from the King (see photo below). These rows of bottles also indicate the barriers between the different zones. The game ends when all pawns have finished drinking and a player is drinking from the King.

The zones

There are four different zones, each one with five various places where you can stand on. The central place in each zone is the only place where you can take pawns (beers etc.) and is therefore the closest place to the castle. So there must also be a total of 4 central places since there are 4 different zones. The places at the beginning and end of each zone are the furthest away from the Castle.


Before the game starts you must determine how many beers to consume in total and place it in the Castle as indicated in the photo above. The lines of the pawns are also the barriers of the zones, so place them so that there are 4 different places in which you can stand or sit. If you are with too many people you can also work in teams.


After the set-up is done, the players start with a shotgun-contest to determine who can take the first turn. If no player wants to drink a full bottle of beer, we play the stone-paper-scissors game to determine who can start. The winner of this match shouts “One, two, three, JFK!” After which all other players shout “FDR”, take a pawn from the Castle, and place themselves in a certain random place in the game.

Game course

The turns always change clockwise, and when it is your turn you can ALWAYS go one step forward and you take a playing card from the pile. The rest must win their moves on that turn based on the card that was drawn.

In the middle is a bottle of strong booze with beers all-around it. Every time they pass at the table, the players can take a beer bottle with them. Once all the beer is finished, it will be a race to the White House. The first person who arrives drinks his last beer, drinks from the bottle of strong booze and can call himself the winner. 

The rules

  • The floor is lava! So do NOT touch.
  • Each player must always have at least one drink in their hand. The maxime is two drinks. 
  • When you pass ‘The White House’ you always have to take a beer. Nothing more nothing less. If you already hold two when you pass next, you must ensure that you have one emptied before you are in the middle. To avoid clutter / broken bottles, we distribute some beer containers on the route.
  • No more beer / too many beers stuck / fallen into the lava? DRINK!
  • A player may shout “JFK! “ whenever they want. The rest must then shout ‘FDR!’ and drink.
  • Everything you hear in True American is a lie!
  • When a player has finished his bottle of beer and shouts “All trash belongs …” all players must shout “in the junk yard” on which all empty bottles are dropped in a designated place.

Cardgame instructions

A: Find the link. The player may name two people, places or things. Any other player who can answer what these two things have in common wins. Winners drink and are allowed to move three places in the game.

2: Take the dice and throw it. If you roll 6, you go back 6 steps.

3:  Contest bottle poops ( if you don’t know what this is, google it). You do this 2 times, the winner rolls the dice and goes forward the many eyes.

4: Ryhmeword chain.

5: “The count” Call “1,2,3!” And then chose a number between 1-5 in front of your head. If there is nobody with the same number, you may go one step forward, if not you must drink.

6: Watch game. Everyone looks down and someone counts to 3. On the last count you choose someone to look at. If that person also looks at you, you have to drink. 

7: Carry a tea candle as long as possible. Out? Drink!

8: Complete the quote. The player says a quote from history or pop culture very slowly. Any other player who is able to complete the quote in tandem (at the same time as the person who says the quote) wins. Winners from the game, drink and move up two places. For example: “The only thing we have to fear is …” and “fear itself!”. The player who says the quote can make it difficult for the other players by talking very slowly, making it impossible to complete the quote in tandem.

9: Make up a rule.

10: Throwing ping-pong balls at your teammate or at a random person. If you can’t catch the ping-pong ball, you have to drink and you’re out. Lasts until one duo remains.

V: Counting game. In random order and without agreements you try to count as far as possible WITHOUT anyone else saying the same number as you. Wrong number or calling the number together = drink!

Q: All the girls drink. (adjust if you do not have a mixed team)

K: All the boys drink. (adjust if you do not have a mixed team)

JOKER: Stop-the-band!

BE CAREFUL during the game when you step from seat to seat etc.! Occasionally a zone where you can walk just on pillows on the floor or something similar is a good idea. The person who leads the game takes the responsibility to steer everything in the right direction, but you are smart enough to pay attention. It is a great and a fun game! Have fun and enjoy!

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