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                                              MadBus is a fast-paced drinking game with three phases that guarantees a lot
                                              of shots and sips. In the first phase, the players have to collect 4 cards through a
                                              guessing game; getting any card wrong, means drinking.
                                              The second phase consists of a pyramid in which the players can ‘screw’ each other
                                              and  choose  the  people  who  must  drink,  as  well  as  who  will  get  to  ride  the  bus.
                                              Whenever you are assigned to drink, you receive a ticket. The higher the sum of the
                                              tickets at the end of the pyramid will decide whether you get on the bus.
                                              Finally, in the third phase whoever rides the bus has to keep guessing cards and
                                              any wrong guess means more drinking. This game will have everyone drinking in an
                                              engaging fast-paced card game with no boring moments.


          MadAss is a hilarious drinking game focused on creating crazy assignments. In the
          game, the rounds are quick and simple as each player tries to complete a set of 4
          cards. The aim is to get a donkey pawn and not be empty-handed.
          The first player who has a pair of 4 cards has to take a pawn, the rest follows. The
          person without a pawn gets a donkey assignment card. The first player to complete
          the ‘Ass’ has to do the crazy assignment described by each of the four donkey parts
          (what, how, with what, and where the player must do it).
          MadAss is a card game that involves drinking with hilarious dares.

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