Page 7 - Mad Party Games Product Catalogue
P. 7

                                                                                        √ 100 Truth Cards
                                                                                        √ 100 Dare Cards
                                                                                         √ 50 Go Cards
                                                                                        √ Playing Board
                                                                                          √ Shotglass
                                                                                          √ Rulebook

                              THE GAME

          MadWish Pro follows the classic game of ‘Truth or Dare’ in which participants have
          to either answer a question with the truth or complete a dare.           Item
          This edition, however, offers the players a drinking option; to take a shot in case of
          refusal. In addition to that, the game comes with ‘Go Cards’ which offer assignments   Game size
          directed at the entire group, and ‘Snitch’ which allows the player to create a truth or   165 x 225 x 50 mm (480 gram)
          a dare to any player.
                                                                                   Carton size (6 PCS.)
          Containing a colorful board with a spin the bottle roulette in the middle, the  240 x 180 x 210 mm (3300 gram)
          participants have five possible outcomes: truth, dare, snitch, go, and shot.

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