MadWish game
Madwish game

MadWish Pro (English Edition)




MadWish Pro the Game:

Flirt or Snitch?
Spin the MadWish bottle and see what it will be: Shot, Snitch, Go, Truth or Dare. Do you tell the Truth or accept the Dare? If not get ready for a Shot.
Playing MadWish is the ultimate way to test your friendship, but keep in mind, only one rule applies:

Don’t hate Me, Hate the Game!

  • Playing board, Rules page, 100 Truth cards, 100 Dare cards, 50 Go Cards, shot glass, Mad Wish spinning bottle and attachment pin
  • Awarded “Best Party Game” by Amsterdam Golden Joker
  • The perfect twist on Truth or Dare.
  • Suitable for 2-99 players, over 18’s Only!


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