The Dirtiest Never Have I Ever Questions!

With the game ‘Never Have I ever’ you can learn a lot about your friends. With this version, you can learn a lot about your friends and your crush. These are all the questions you were too afraid to ask but now it is a game! Never have I ever… …had a one night stand. […]

Good Never Have I Ever Questions!

‘Never have I ever’ is a drinking game and the only thing you need is for everybody to have a cup. In this game, a circle is formed and each turn participants are allowed to mention a sentence starting with ‘Never have I ever’. The sentence is completed with an action. Every participant who has […]

Hangover Cures to Bring you Back to Life

An evening out, doing shots, some Bacardi and cola, and even Vodka. The booze keeps coming and at the end of the night, you maybe have gone so far that you can’t even stand on your legs anymore. You come home, go to bed and you. are. GONE. (Or when you puke, like me when […]

The one time I drunkenly peed my pants

There have been a lot of nights I got extremely drunk playing drinking games. We started the night with Beer Pong, followed by Bussen and we closed with a game of Fuck the Dealer. You easily go through an entire night of playing games with never-ending fun. I can remember some nights when I was […]