Dirty Truth or Dare Questions #2

We love coming up these dirty truth or dare questions and sharing them with everyone. All of these questions come from our game MadWish and we’re definitely gonna add more of these in the future! The Dirty Truth or Dare Questions Have you ever sexted someone? If they did it once, what stops them from […]

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions #1

Want to spice up your next party? These questions come from our drinking game, MadWish. The actual game itself has a lot more dirty questions for you and your friends 😏. Ask these questions in your next Dirty Truth or Dare session and you’ll definitely get the game you want. The Dirty Truth or Dare […]

Perfect Truth or Dares for a College party!

You are at a new school, you don’t know anybody and you wanna make new friends, of course. But how are you going to do that? You want to know everybody as quick as possible so you can choose who you think is the perfect friend for you. This game is a good way to […]

Bachelor Party Truth or Dare questions!

With a few of these questions and dares, you can help your bachelor party to the next level and it is going to be a good one! After this, you and your partner can’t wait to get married and enjoy the wedding night! TRUTHS: 1. Who is your favourite member from your family-in-law? This way […]

Truth or Dares for a good night in the Club

When it’s too loud for actual conversation, it just might be the time for a bit of Truth and Dare… TRUTHS: 1. Who in the club has the best looking ass? Maybe you are going to score this butt after this. 2. If you could choose to do anything tonight, what would it be? I […]